Accounting Internship Resume Template

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The Accounting Internship Resume Template is a useful document for those wishing to compose a resume for acquiring an internship in this field. Attaining an internship is a vital step for accounting students who wish to take a future career in accounting seriously. While accountants enjoy having a specialized skill requiring specific certification, they must still compete with others in the field. Accounting has been a steadily growing field for decades and will challenge students when it is time to gain an internship. A well written resume with a professional feel that can be quickly be reproduced then revised may easily help level the playing field for a student with an uphill climb.

When it is time to initially fill out this form, internship seekers should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time composing content for the headings. The information should be accurate and well written since this will be an introductory presentation to a hiring entity. In fact, oftentimes, it is a candidate’s resume which may act as a deciding factor in whether an applicant is called in for an interview. Such a winning document may be composed by utilizing this resume template. Hopeful candidates will enjoy the benefits of using a formatted document, complete with headings, as a guide. Since a template is a reusable form it will serve similar purpose in the future when it is necessary to quickly revise a resume to attract a potential recruiter.

How to Write

Step 1. The top of the page will be reserved for your name and contact information. The first line should contain your full name and subsequent lines should contain your address, phone number, and email.

Step 2. It will be necessary to state your goal for sending your resume. Write one to three statements explaining the purpose of the document and place these in the “Objective” section.

Step 3. The “Education” section is where you will report your academic standing. This is especially important in an internship resume. Report the name of the school you are attending, the title of the degree you are working for, and any impressive academic information here.

Step 4. Under the heading “Accounting Skills and Knowledge” compose a list of your strengths in this subject.

Step 5. If you have any communication/teamwork skills list them in the “Interpersonal” section.

Step 6. List the software program and any relevant computer knowledge you possess in the “Computer Skills” section.

Step 7. If you have been employed, volunteered, or interned anywhere list this in the “Work Experience” section. State the name and location of that company, the relevant time period, your official title, and what you did there.

Step 8. If you have participated in relevant extracurricular activities or won any academic awards report these in the “Academic Accomplishments” section.

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