Customer Service Representative Resume Template

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The Customer Service Representative Resume Template is designed to present the qualifications, achievements, and work history of job applicants who are or wish to be Customer Service Representatives. This niche will often have a clear cut ability to communicate effectively with clients while representing the interests of a particular company. In addition they may be required to be proficient in certain procedures, computer systems, phone systems, or problem solving techniques. It will take a certain level of organization to convey so much information properly.

The Customer Service Representative Resume Template will organize and present this information in an attractive easy to read format and may be used to apply to a variety of positions. Candidates merely need to fill out the fields in the Customer Service Representative Resume Template then dispense it to sought after companies. If done correctly this tool will achieve its goal in helping a job seeker land an interview for a desired position.

How To Write

Step 1. The Name and Contact Information should be placed at the top of the page and should contain the current address, phone number, and email address of the applicant.

Step 2. The Objective will clearly state the applicant’s intention of gaining the position they are applying for and why they should be considered by a potential employer.

Step 3. The Key Skills and Qualification Section will carry the motif further by specifically listing favored or desirable skills the candidate possesses. This must be relevant to the position being applied to. One may be creative in formatting this sections however, it is imperative to make sure to remain professional.

Step 4. The Work Experience section should be filled out carefully and should highlight any experience that may be applicable to the position being applied for. Each entry must have the Company Name, Location, Dates worked, and Job Description for each position the candidate has held.

Step 5. If an entry level applicant requires an additional section to make the resume more robust or if a seasoned professional wishes to include additional information, either group may list any awards or achievements they may have earned. This should be done in the same format as the Work Experience Section (i.e. if bullets were used in the description, use them here too) and will go in the ‘Achievements’ section.


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