English Teacher Resume Template

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The English Teacher Resume Template can be used to enhance a job search by adding a level of organization conducive to reaching many potential employers relatively quickly or even simultaneously. A template oftentimes is used whenever a standard document, or master document, must exist with the versatility for quick and easy revisions while a resume’s goal is to attain positive attention from a hiring entity. In truth, a resume template is one of the more valuable tools in a diligent job hunter’s search.

Job hunters should keep several things in mind when initially composing the content for this profession’s resume. The top of the list involves understanding that hiring entities for educational facilities will be burdened with a multitude of resumes that must be sorted through. To pass this initial sorting, a candidate must have a visually attractive resume. In addition job seekers should remember to cater their skills and experience to both the employer and the specific requirements listed in the posting on is responding to. Finally, one should be aware of the staggering amount of competitors for the sought after position and thus should take care to use a concise language employing technical jargon and current buzzwords, while remaining free of errors. A well-constructed resume with an eye catching format can increase one’s chances of attaining an interview so long as he or she takes the time and effort necessary to compose a high quality document.

How to Write

Step 1. Enter your contact information at the top of the page. This will consist of your full name, mailing address, phone number, and email.

Step 2. Write several statements where you plainly proclaim your intent to attain the position along with a reason for why you should be hired. This should be two to three separate statements and placed in the “Career Objective” section.

Step 3. Every job listing will have a set of requirements. Separate the ones that you can positively and definitely address through either experience and/or skills. Write a few statements linking the job requirements to these aspects of yourself and place them in the bullet list below the “Highlight of Qualifications” heading.

Step 4. The “Teaching Excellence” heading will be a place where you may report any notoriety in teaching that may not necessarily directly relate to the positon being applied to. Directly below this is the “State Licensure” section. Place the name of the state where you earned your degree in the heading. Give the specifics of your license directly below.

Step 5. Compile a list of the teaching positions you have held. These should be reported in descending chronological order. Each entry should contain the date you were employed, name and location of the employer, and the official title you held. Below this, provide a list of your accomplishments there.

Step 6. The Education section will contain the name of the university you earned your diploma in, the year it was earned, the specific degree you earned, and any additional information (i.e. GPA, awards).

Step 7. If you have any additional skills that would come in handy working for a school should be listed in the “Other Strengths and Skills” section.

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