Home Health Nurse Resume Template

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The Home Health Nurse Resume Template is a tool for nurses seeking one of the many positions available outside a hospital environment. A home health nurse is a nurse who makes house calls to patients who need continuing care, supervision, and/or medical treatment even after being released from a clinic or hospital. Oftentimes, these patients will be elderly, mentally disabled or otherwise invalid. These are patients whose quality of life would be unacceptable without specialized care or who face a life threatening medical event if neglected. This is a lot of responsibility for one individual to undertake making dedication and a sense of responsibility extremely valuable qualities in a nurse’s personality in addition to being fully capable of handling nearly any contingency.

If seeking employment opportunities in this field, home health nurses should be prepared to shine both professionally and personally. After all, many times immediate family members as well as hiring entities will be integral in attaining and holding a position. This is case where it must be there right fit. A versatile resume thus becomes invaluable during a job search and this can be accomplished by employing a template in the initial development stage then revising it when appropriate.

How to Write

Step 1. Name and Contact Information: This section will not have a heading and will be at the top of the page. It should contain the full name of the applicant on the first line, the mailing address on the next lines, and should include the phone number and professional email of the applicant.

Step 2. The Objective Section. This section is one or two statements regarding the candidate’s intention to attain the position being applied to and may include additional statements meant to expand on how some of their attributes may contribute to the position.

 Step 3. The Highlights of Qualifications Section. This is a list of an applicant’s skill set and experience. This list should address the requirements put forth in the job description for the position being sought.

 Step 4. The Professional Experience Section. This section will be a chronological list of the candidate’s previous employments. This should be done in descending order by date (most recent place of employment at the top, the oldest at the bottom). Each previous position will have its own entry. Each entry must list the official job title, the range of dates that job was held under that job title, the name of the employer, the location, and a summary of what the applicant did while employed there.

 Step 5. The Education Section. This is where the applicant’s academic credentials are stated for review.



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