Student Nurse Resume Template

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The Student Nurse Resume Template provides beginning nurses with the ability to devise a professional resume with relatively few issues. A new nurse who is still in the process of getting her certification may have to compete with some fairly experienced professionals for some positions. A job hunter can level the playing field by simply making sure his or her resume is top notch and received by the hiring entity in a timely manner. So while a nurse may still be in training he or she may still go for the positions they desire even if they anticipate a difficult or extensive job search.

The purpose of a resume template is to enable a nurse to create a resume that can be revised to suite a particular potential employer’s tastes or preferences. The initial resume created using this template should be considered a master copy. It should really include just about everything that employers would wish to see. In the future extraneous information may be trimmed away or revised when an opportunity presents itself. This can be done by simply copying and pasting certain a certain section’s contents in a new student nurse resume template, or by simply saving it under a different name. The new resume should then be proof read and sent.

How to Write

Step 1. The first two lines are for your name and contact information. It is highly recommended to choose a font effect for your name that is in line with the resume and professional. The goal would be to make your name stand out.

Step 2. The first section will be the “Objective Statement.” This will be a sentence or two regarding your goals.

Step 3. The next two sections will serve to divulge why you are suitable for the position. In the “Qualifications Summary” section, give a summary of the skills and experience you possess that is applicable to the job you are applying for. In “Educational Qualifications,” report on your license information, certifications, and degrees you possess. Whenever possible give the full official title of the document you have earned.

Step 4. The final section is “Professional Experience.” This is you work history. Give the title you held, the name of your employer, the location, and the dates you were employed there. Below this make a bullet list of your duties. If you have any specific accomplishments with an employer that may be impressive include this in the appropriate entry.

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