Preschool Teacher Resume Template

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The Preschool Resume Template is an excellent tool for preschool teachers wishing to gain the attention of a recruiter. The purpose of a resume is to grab and hold a hiring entity’s attention and this will usually be accomplished through a top quality resume. Such a document will increase the chances of attaining an interview and is likely to serve as a structure for various topics covered in the interview. Thus it is in the best interest of the candidate to develop a sharp and impressively worded resume.

Keep in mind, when filling out the contents of the resume, the hiring entity will have a lot of resumes to read through. Thus, it’s important to be as clear and to the point as possible. Key components that should be presented include a working knowledge of motivation and teaching techniques, child psychology, analysis, and the ability to command many young students. This is a significant amount of information to develop and the preschool resume template will solve many potential formatting issues and serve as a guide. By following a set acceptable format and developing a smart language, this document should increase the likelihood of attaining an interview for a preschool teaching position.

How to Write

Step 1. Input your name, mailing address, phone number and email. This should have a similar format to a business card (where the name is conservatively enhanced to be more eye-catching)

Step 2. Write one to three brief statements about why you are sending the resume and why you should be hired. Be direct and to the point. This should be put in the Objective section.

Step 3. Compose a sort of brief summary of what you have achieved. This may be in the form of a bullet list, a paragraph or a combination of the two. A rule of thumb calls for two to four sentences here. Place this in the Selected Accomplishments section.

Step 4. Make a list of everywhere you have worked. The first line should give the name of where you worked, its location, and the date range for the time you were there. The next line should be your job title while the following lines should be a list of your responsibilities or achievements there. Each place of employment will need a separate entry in the format previously mentioned and should be placed in reverse chronological order.

Step 5. The Education and Certifications should give the hiring entity a list of all the certificates and degrees you earned. The format is somewhat similar to the Professional Experience section in that you will give the name of the educational facility, the location, the date you graduated, and your official degree title. Below this list any relevant information that may be impressive in relation to the position you seek.


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