Television (TV) Production Assistant Resume Template

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The television production assistant resume template is designed for individuals with a lot, some, or no experience in the TV industry seeking employment. The form should consist of a heading that should include your full name and the various ways to contact you in the chance you get the job. Furthermore the resume should include all experiences and roles that you have had in the field such as a professional summary, your expertise, and any education you have had. Once complete, make copies and hand them to various television production companies in the hope of obtaining a position.

How to Write

Step 1 Р Download the form and begin, in the header area, to input your full name and all your contact information.

Step 2 – Enter a professional summary. This should be 2-3 sentences that describe your most notable achievements which will then be followed by your core qualifications, a chronological timeline of your experiences in the field, education, and any references unless you feel as though they should be requested by the employer.

Step 3 – After completing it may be beneficial to personally sign the resume in addition to adding any photos of yourself or list any volunteer or organizations that you participate.

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