Professional Level Project Manager Resume Template

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The Professional Level Project Manager Resume Template allows Professional Level Project Managers to enjoy a high level of organization and efficiency when conducting a job search. This is done by providing a set format within which job seekers may provide information to a potential employer. It is imperative that a resume deliver a candidate’s contact information, qualifications, and history in a clear and concise manner so that they may be evaluated properly. Candidates who have a sleek resume that properly delivers information regarding their skills and career will have a better chance at attaining an interview.

How to Write

Step 1. The first section to be filled out will be the only section without a heading. This is your Name and Contact Information and must be placed at the top of the page. Generally this information is centered however one has the option between aligning to the left.

Step 2. The second section may either be the Overview, Objective, or Professional Summary section. Whichever section you choose to use must be professionally written with a clear vision. If writing an “Overview,” compose one to three sentences to give a potential employer a view into how you communicate as well as a summary of your career.

Step 4. Many resumes that focus on a particular niche contain a section to describe the Key Skills a candidate has. List the skills relevant to the position you are applying to and place them under the heading “Key Skills.”

Step 5. The main body of the resume is the “Employment History” section. This will be a somewhat detailed account of previous positions. When filling out the content for this section, make sure each entry contains the previous employer information. Previous employment information should include the name of the employer, location, position held, and dates employed. Following this information should be an extensive list covering all achievements and/or duties while employed.

Step 6. The closing section of the resume will be the “Education and Certification” section. Here list the degree/certificates earned, the name of the institution where they were earned, as well as the graduation year.



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