Front Desk Receptionist Resume Template

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The Front Desk Receptionist Resume Template contains an easily used roadmap to composing a resume. Front desk receptionists are the heart of communication in most companies and corporations. This is the person that will come in first contact with clients, customers, partners, and visitors from other corporate locations. A front desk receptionist will make sure that a visitor will see who they need to, that a message will be passed on if someone is indisposed, and that participants in a conference or meeting are undisturbed. Many front desk receptionists will have additional duties, especially in an office where one must wear many hats. As such, applicants must be able to demonstrate their versatility, ability to communicate effectively and their technical knowledge.

A resume template will aid in displaying this information nicely. Users will enjoy a certain relief from having to deal with last minute formatting issues when revising a resume for a personalized touch to a potential employer. In fact, due to the competition involved in a job hunt for a front desk receptionist position, it is important to retain the ability to quickly personalize such a document as it is major factor in showing a candidate’s viability for a position. By utilizing a template that can altered seamlessly when desired, one can deliver a top notch resume to a hiring entity relatively soon after a job listing has been posted.

How to write

Step 1. Contact Information: Place this at the top of the page. This must look professional and be memorable so add an effect to your name.

Step 2. Professional Profile: Write one to three statements regarding why you would be a good fit for the job

Step 3. Work Experience: Report your previous job title, the name of the employer, the city and state where you worked, and the years you were employed there. Follow this with a description of your duties. Each employer should get a separate entry and these should be placed in descending date order.

Step 4. Education: Here, report the name of your school, the city and state where the school is, the year you graduated, and the name or type of degree, diploma, or certificate you earned.

Step 5. Additional Skills: This is where you may reports skills or abilities you possess that are not necessarily listed in the job posting but may come in handy for your place of employment.

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