Hotel Receptionist Resume Template

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The Hotel Receptionist Resume Template can aid a job candidate, with a significant amount of experience and skills, the opportunity to cast their net wide during an extensive job search. Hotel reception can be a very lucrative job but will require a certain decorum as well as experience with people. Being able to remain polite and in control regardless of the nature of the circumstances at the time is truly par for the course in an average day for those in this field. Hotel receptionists will have to display a knowledge of the tourist industry in their area, of the travel industry, as well as the neighborhoods and ways of getting around in the city they work in. This is an all-inclusive position that will require someone to be at the top of his or her game from the moment they start their shift until the end of that shift. When composing a resume for this field candidates should focus on customer service, bookkeeping, clerical, and communication skills.

Some employers will have additional requirements and of course, in the hospitality industry it is always preferable for a candidate to be able to show a mix of professionalism and friendliness. When using a template, one can easily customize each resume sent to every employer with relatively little effort. It is likely that a resume that is obviously geared to a specific potential employer’s requirements will gain some positive attention from that company’s recruiter. Obviously, since the goal of a resume is to attain an in-person interview, the utilization of a resume template to quickly deliver a personalized resume to a variety of employers will serve the job seeker well.

 How to Write

 Step 1. The first line should contain your full name

Step 2. The second and third line should contain your contact information

Step 3. The “Objective” requires the user to state the purpose of sending the resume or the applicant’s intention of attaining the position. There may be a follow-up statement or two regarding one’s ability to excel in the job.

Step 4. Make a list of the experience you have under your belt that will directly relate to the position at hand. Place this in the “Summary of Qualifications” section.

Step 5. The “Employment History” section will also require a list (in descending date order). This will be a list of your previous jobs. When reporting a job, the first line should be the name of the employer and location. The second will need to include your job title and the dates you were employed. Include a bullet list of what you were responsible for while holding that title.

Step 6. Report your academic credential in the “Education” section.

Step 7. In “Special Skills,” report the skills you possess that would be useful in a front desk position. It may be useful and will be extremely positive if you address the requirements listed in the job post you are answering.



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