Accounting Assistant Resume Template

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The Accounting Assistant Resume Template is a useful form which provides a formatted document for the creation of a resume. An accounting assistant may be called upon to fulfill a variety of functions such as clerical, administrative support, and/or data maintenance. Many candidates apply for this position, they may be certified bookkeepers seeking a permanent job or they may be accounting students seeking to gain experience while attaining their certification. Job hunters may correctly assume they are in for a competitive race to an interview. A successful race for this goal will involve the creation of a top notch resume that is delivered relatively soon after an opportunity is posted.

A resume template is a form which will provide some relief to organized job hunters. This blank form is divided into sections by resume headings. A job seeker will need to set aside some time to write the content appropriate for each section. This will become a master document. Since this is a template, an unused copy will contain the same headings and formatting of the completed resume. Candidates may copy and paste information from the original onto an unused template while making any necessary revisions for the potential employer they have set their sight upon. This can be a real time saver that maintains the quality of the original document. Such a tool aids job hunters in being the first to respond with a quality resume.

How to Write

Step 1. Write your name on the first line of the resume. There will not be a heading for this but hiring entities will generally expect your name and contact information to be at the top of the page.

Step 2. The “Objective” section acts as an introduction to the resume. Applicants should make an effort to compose one to four short statements regarding their professional identity and immediate professional goals.

Step 3. The “Key Skills” section will be a bullet list of the applicant’s skills and abilities. The items reported should have a direct bearing on the position requirements and being an accounting assistant.

Step 4. In the “Educational Qualifications” section, report upon your academic achievements. Report the degree title you earned, the school you graduated from, and the year of graduation.

Step 5. The “Work Experience” section is where you document your previous employers according to descending date order of the time period employed. Each employer entry should start with the employer name and location on the first line. The second line of the entry should the title you held with that employer. The third line should be the time period employed. The next line will have a sub-heading, “Responsibilities,” and will be where an applicant reports what they did while employed.

Step 6. Under the heading “Computer Skills,” deliver a list of your software, O/S, and programming proficiencies.

Step 7. The “Achievements” section is reserved for a list of any accomplishments, awards, and/or notoriety earned and not previously mentioned.

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