Professional Administrative Assistant Resume Template

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The Professional Administrative Assistant Resume Template organizes the relevant information a professional administrative assistant must convey to a potential employer by providing appropriate sections to place content in. This will require that one has a strong command of the English language and a significant amount of experience in office support in order to be considered a viable professional level candidate. By submitting a well-polished and thoughtfully constructed resume to a recruiter, one increases his or her likelihood in obtaining an interview for a desired position. The template is both a first impression upon a recruiter and likely will contain topics of conversation during an interview so candidates should put a reasonable amount of effort when initially filling out the sections.

How to Write

Step 1. The first step is to fill out your name and contact information in the appropriate areas at the top of the page. It is generally a good idea to make the name noticeable and clear while leaving the contact information at a slightly smaller font. This will contribute to sleek and memorable look.

Step 2. The next step will be to write a Profile or Objective. An Objective will state one’s intentions and how a he or she would function in the position for hire while a profile will attempt to divulge ones skills and experience. If writing a Profile, one can simply place the job title in the heading and compose a summary of their professional identity. This should be done as a list in a bullet format.

Step 3. Since Professional Level Administrative Assistants may be required to have a significant knowledge of software and O/S’s, providing a list of these technical proficiencies is nearly mandatory. This should be placed in the “Computer Skills” section.

Step 4. The “Experience” section is where a candidate must report their employment history. This is an important section to many recruiters as it will provide support for the previous two sections. Here, provide the name and location (city and state) of a previous employer on the first line of an entry. On the second line provide the job title and the dates you were employed with them. The third line will begin with a small paragraph about your time there then a list of accomplishments, duties, and responsibilities that you performed while there. Each previous employer should have their own entry and they should be listed in descending chronological order.

Step 5. The final section, “Education,” will act as the closing of the resume. List your academic credentials here. This should include educational institutions that you attended, the degree/diploma/certificate earned there, year of completion, and specifics such as location, area of study, or any notoriety you may have earned.

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