Entry Level High Student Resume Template

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The Entry Level High School Student Resume Template is a valuable tool of focus for students who have never held a part time job or steady employment and seek an entry level position in a company. It can be intimidating to create a resume for an entry level position for the first time thus, using a template with a set format and easily defined sections will relieve some of the pressure. By taking the guesswork out of this document, one can focus on presenting his or her strengths and skills in as attractive way as possible. This will increase one’s chances of scoring an interview with a potential employer.

There are a few steps one should take when it is time to fill out the High School Student Job Resume Template (with no work experience). The first is to set aside a decent amount of time to complete this document. Make sure you are in a good frame of mind and are ready to analyze your skills, experience with responsibility, and your coursework. Be prepared to make a list of these things and a solid attempt to use current buzzwords (there are many lists online for ‘resume buzzwords’) when composing descriptions. When you are done, remember to proof read your resume.

How to File

Step 1. Your name and contact information are the first thing to be entered on the High School Entry Level Resume Template. Place this on the top of the page and use a slightly larger font for your name. As a note, you should use a standard font such as Times Roman Numeral or Arial for the entire document.

Step 2. Write two or three statements regarding your reason for sending the resume. Address the questions of who you are and why you are applying for the position.

Step 3. In the Education section, write the name of your high school and when you expect to graduate (or if you have graduated, the month and year you graduated in).

Step 4. The “Key Skills” will have several sections. List you’re the appropriate skill you possess in the appropriate section.

Step 5. The Employment History section is a very straightforward section with a set format. Enter the time frame you were employed for, the position you held, the company you worked for and the location in the appropriate areas. Below this compose a list of the duties you were paid to do. Each employer gets a separate entry and should be listed in descending chronological order.

Step 6. In the “Proficiencies” section list any on the job skills you possess. For instance in most professional environments, one would need to be familiar with computers and the software on them.

Step 7. The Interests section will be where you enter your hobbies and/or extracurricular activities that interest you.

Step 8. The References section will be an opportunity to list previous employers or non-family members willing to speak to a potential employer on your behalf. Make sure you have their permission to use them as a reference and list their contact information before doing so.


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