Professional High School Student Resume Template

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The Professional High School Student Resume Template was designed for high school student who have some work experience and seek to find a way into the professional world. This can be a very useful tool especially since, it is not entirely clear when one looks an ad if a resume fresh out of high school is welcome. This means that a high school student may need to make quite a bit of inquiries in a relatively short amount of time. This is where a Professional High School Student Resume Template is useful because it will allow a quick turnaround on a job listing.

A template provides organization to a job search by possessing a predetermined set of sections to be filled out by the job seeker. Once these sections are filled out properly with appropriate language it becomes a simple task to revise the document to focus on a particular potential employer’s needs and/or to add experience as one gains it. The Professional High School Student Resume Template can be useful for a considerable length of time and can be useful in attaining many interviews with potential employers if it is filled out properly.

How to File

Step 1. The top of the page is the Name and Contact Information. This may be aligned in any place the applicant chooses however, should contribute to an overall professional look for the resume

Step 2. The next step will be “Education.” This section should have the school name, the city and state, and the years attended.

Step 3. The “Experience” is where one lists their employment history. This can be anything from a part time job to a one time contracted job (i.e. yard work/babysitting). There is a set format for how to present this. The job title should be the first line. The second line will be the date range. The third line should be a description of what the applicant did presented in a professional manner.

Step 4. The Achievements section should follow “Achievements.” This is where a candidate may list any notoriety they have earned in school or in their neighborhood. (I.e. honors student or winning a skilled competition)

Step 5. The “Volunteer Experience” section is reserved for any experience where a candidate devoted their time to a task for an individual or organization without pay.

Step 6. In the “Interests/Activities” gives the applicant a brief view of their hobbies and likes. This can be a simple list separated by commas.

Step 7. The “Computer Skills” section is arguably one of the most important sections in relation to the professional world. Job seekers should list any software, O/S, or networking skills they have. If the level of knowledge is significantly ‘advanced’ or on a ‘beginner’ level then this should be placed next to the item in parenthesis.

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