Entry Level Nanny Resume Template

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The Entry Level Nanny Resume Template is a good place to start when embarking upon a career as a nanny. This resume form is meant to act as a direction to take when initially composing a resume. In addition, this form may be re-used when a job hunter needs to specialize a resume for a potential employer. In fact, one can simply copy and paste the information from the original resume onto a blank template leaving the sections that need to be revised blank. This can be a real time saver in a nanny’s efforts when seeking a long term position in a very competitive market.

When composing the resume for the first time, applicants should keep in mind that families will want to be very familiar with the potential nanny’s skills and credentials before calling him or her into their home for an interview. This is after all a necessary security measure. This means that a nanny resume will be closely scrutinized. Thus a job seeker should make sure he or she is in a good frame of mind and a clear schedule. Good content writing for a resume will require some time and effort however can be very rewarding in the long run.

How to Write

Step 1. Write your full name and current contact information at the top of the page. Try to make your name very noticeable as this will act as a calling card of sorts.

Step 2. Write a summary regarding your past experience as a nanny and how you would function as a valued member of the household in a nanny position. This should be three to five brief statements. Place this in the “Professional Summary” section.

Step 3. The “Skills” section will be where you list the skills useful to a nanny. This can be literally anything so long as it relates directly to child rearing in a nanny capacity.

Step 4. In the “Work History” section, list facts about your previous employment. Make sure to be thorough in describing your duties. Typically, you should start each section with the official title you held, how long you worked there (use a date range), and the name and location of that employer. Put these in reverse chronological order.

Step 5. List the degrees you earned, the year you graduated, and the name and location of the school you attended under “Education.”

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