ICU Nurse Resume Template

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The ICU Nurse Resume Template fulfills the staunch requirements of a resume an ICU nurse must submit when pursuing an opportunity. ICU nurses are the first line of defense when a patient’s health is in so much danger they cannot be in the general area of a hospital and need specific round the clock care. ICU nurses will be the primary point of contact for the patient, doctors, and visitors and must therefore be attentive, knowledgeable, and sensitive to the needs of others. This can be one of the most demanding positions a nurse can hold due to the stress involved with caring for a human being who is on the verge of a disastrous health care event.

In order to impress a hiring entity with your skills and experience you must show that you can communicate both of these aspects effectively and concisely. By using a resume template half of the work is done since formatting is already taken care of. This will enable a clear focus on the content…and content is crucial here. It must be brief and to the point. Once the ICU nurse resume template is completed, it can then be used repeatedly as is or it may be easily revised depending on an opportunity’s requirements. This gives a candidate the power to quickly respond to a job listing with a professional looking and well composed resume which can gain that applicant some very positive attention from an HR recruiter.

 How to Write

Step 1. Your name should go at the top of the page along with your contact information.

Step 2. In “Objective,” write a statement or two about why you are sending the resume to a recruiter

Step 3. In “Professional Experience,” report the title you held in your previous job, include the department, hospital/facility, location, and the date range you held that title. Below this give a bullet list of what you did there. Do this for each place that you have worked and list them in descending chronological order.

Step 4. In “Education,” document the school you attended and the degree you earned there. Include any academic achievements you may have earned there below this.

Step 5. In “References” give the contact information for professionals you have worked with who will give you a positive job reference.


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