Construction Project Manager Resume Template

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The Construction Manager Resume Template is a tool construction managers seeking new projects may use to reach a substantial number of employers quickly. Construction Project Managers seeking new opportunities are typically faced with overwhelming odds when applying for a new position. In addition, the opportunity may have a time sensitive recruiting process. Naturally, many potential positions may require a customized resume for the best chance for attaining an interview. By employing the use of a template Construction Project Managers will have predetermined resume sections which they may use and if necessary customize for a particular employer. This can be done without the time consuming formatting problems that often accompany revamping a resume.

How to Write

Step 1. To begin, locate the Name and Contact Information section at the top of the page. Enter the Name, Address, Phone Number, and email.

Step 2. The Professional Profile section is more or less interchangeable with an Objective section but written in a slightly different tone. This section will begin with a synopsis of the candidate and conclude with a list of skills. This will act as an introduction to a resume and will introduce the applicant to the potential employer through a brief paragraph before listing specific skills. An applicant should make sure this is a polished summary of their professionalism as it relates to the position itself.

Step 3. The Key Skills and Abilities will be a bullet list of the applicant’s skill set. While applicants may have quite an array of skills to showcase they should focus on those that are specifically related to the project description. This subheading will go within the Professional Profile section and should elucidate upon some of the points written in the Step 2.

Step 4. The Employment History Section is to deliver previous positions held or projects managed. The first line should report the dates worked with a particular employer. The following lines should report the title held with that employer, the name of that employer and the location. The bulk of the entry should be a synopsis of the candidate’s responsibilities, achievements, and technical skills required on that project for that employer.

Step 5. Many resumes will use the Education section as a closing. The Education section should report where one got their degree or accreditation as well as when.

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