Professional Receptionist Resume Template

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The Professional Receptionist Resume Template provides some relief to job seekers engaged with an intense job search. This will likely be the case for a professional receptionist seeking an an opportunity. Reception positions can be numerous at times on the job market and a true professional will want to examine as many possible employers as possible for a long term position. This will involve reaching out to many in a short amount of time. A task easily accomplished with the organization that utilizing a resume template may provide.

A template is meant to make it easier to build a resume initially then duplicate said document in the future. It will provide clear headings with which a user may organize his or her thoughts then input content in the appropriate areas. Once this is done he or she will have a master document resume which may be sent. In addition, job seekers may use this master copy as a source to copy and paste basic information into a blank template while customizing other sections for a specific employer. This can be a real time saver and users may enjoy a quick turnaround after spotting an opportunity they wish to pursue requiring a revised version of their resume. This will enable a resume revision within a relatively short amount of time and free them to focus more on content then redoing the format of a document.

How to Write

 Step 1. Enter your first name, mailing address, phone number, and email at the top of the page. Assume a business card feel to it where the name is highlighted in some way.

Step 2. Write a synopsis describing your professional profile and what you have to bring to the table. Place this in the summary section.

 Step 3. Compose a list of tasks you have experience with or skills you possess. Place these in the “Highlights” section. This should relate to the job requirements.

 Step 4. Enter your employment history in the “Experience” section. This should be composed of the dates you worked for a company, the name and location of that company, and your job title there. Include a description of your time there. Organize this list by dates worked with the most recent at the top.

Step 5. In the “Education” report the name of the school you attended, the degree you earned and any relevant information concerning your time there.

 Step 6. In the “Affiliations” section, enter the name


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