Salon Receptionist Resume Template

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The Salon Receptionist Resume Template is an excellent method to keep one’s inquiries organized and timely. These are two very important attributes a salon receptionist must possess. Contrary to popular belief salon receptionists are responsible for a great deal more than simply greeting a customer and processing a cash sale. They must also know the ability and speed of each salon employee, must be aware of precisely how long each process takes, and must be absolute masters of time management. It is no secret that many times, someone will go to a salon at the last minute and will become very irate if anything goes wrong with the appointment setting. The management skills necessary to make this happen must be present and exemplary in a candidate. More importantly, a salon receptionist must be both firm and friendly at all times. They must represent their place of employment professionally without being overbearingly strict. This is a fine balance in communication. A resume for this position must show all of these abilities and qualities.

A template will organize a job search by enabling the user to customize each inquiry quickly which is the name of the game for a salon receptionist. Thus, minimizing the turnaround response time for an add can greatly increase the chances of attaining an interview. Merely set up a master document with all the skills and experience necessary. When a job pops up all a user must then do is copy and paste the static information (i.e. contact information, education, experience) then revise the summary and highlights section for the potential employer’s needs.

How to Write

Step 1. Enter your full name and contact information at the top of the page.

Step 2. In the Summary section, describe your professional identity in two to four sections.

Step 3. Under the heading labeled “Highlights,” deliver a list of desirable skills that you possess for this that would qualify you for the postion.

Step 4. In “Work Experience,” give your employment history. Make sure to include the date range of your previous employment, the name and location of the salon you worked for, and your official title. Include a list of your duties, responsibilities and/or strengths. This list of employers should be in reverse chronological order.

Step 5. For the “Education” section, give the year you completed a certificate or earned a degree/diploma, where you earned it (name, city, state of institution) and the official title of the diploma or degree you attained.


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