Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Template

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The Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Template is a document with predefined headings to guide a user when organizing information that must be conveyed in a resume. Oftentimes, candidates interested in such positions will have to demonstrate a particular flair for meticulous tasks, a knowledge of legal terminology, and the ability to adhere strictly to regulations and time lines. These are just some of the qualities a legal administrative assistant must be able to state and prove. This will require several sections presented in a standard and organized manner.

The user should prepare themselves by gathering their professional information and setting aside some time when he or she initially fills out the sections of the Legal Administrative Assistant Resume Template. If done so correctly the first time it will be much easier to customize each inquiry with a high quality resume in a relatively short amount of time. In the right circumstances, recruiters reviewing a customized and professional looking resume are more likely to desire an interview with a candidate.

How to Write

Step 1. The first line should contain your full first name and the following lines should have accurate up to date contact information.

Step 2. The “Career Objective” section is where you will write one to three statements regarding your intention in gaining the position you are applying to as well as how you will function in this position. This section needs to be a concise, professional and enticing to a recruiter.

Step 3. The “Key Skills” section is an opportunity for you to list the abilities you possess which directly relates to the job requirements in the ad you are answering. Be as all-encompassing and accurate as possible.

Step 4. The “Education” section is a place for you to list your academic credentials and/or notoriety. This should include information about the type of diploma, degree, or certificate you earned and the institution where you earned them.

Step 5. Every office these days will require software knowledge. This is particularly true of any office that describes itself as ‘cutting edge.’ List the software programs and O/S’s you are familiar and proficient in.

Step 6. The “Professional Experience” section is reserved for your employment history. Input the title you held with that employer on the first line of that employment’s entry. The second line and third line should contain the name and location of the employer and the dates you were employed for, respectively. The remainder of the entry should be a list of your duties there. If you have gained any notoriety or contributed in a meaningful way, this should be reported as well.

Step 7. If you have references available and feel comfortable (as well as having gained permission to) you may input their contact information in the “References” section.

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