Senior Graphic Designer Resume Template

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The Senior Graphic Design Resume Template is a useful instrument for those conducting a job search for senior level graphic design positions. This can be a full time job in and of itself. However, if one maintains a certain level of organization to his or her efforts, the search may progress smoothly with an increased liklihood for positive responses to inquiries.

Senior Graphic Designers will have a lot to report on a resume which makes the use of template quite useful when wishing to pursue a time sensitive opportunity. If one has already used a template to compose a master resume then all that will be necessary when spotting such a job listing is to copy and paste static information from the master document into a blank resume template. This will free up valuable time to tweak the resume to be job specific. It is likely that a job specific resume arriving soon after a recruiter places an ad will denote a certain level of professionalism and the ability to adapt and respond quickly to situations. These are valuable qualities for most employers to see in a candidate. Resumes are the first real impression a recruiter will have of a candidate, so any positive qualities to add or substantiate the content (i.e. technical jargon, timing, etc) will increase one’s chances of attaining an in-person interview.

 How to Write

 Step 1. The top of the page should look like a business card of sorts. It should contain your full name and contact information.

 Step 2. The first section, “Qualifications Profile,” is basically two to four statements defining your professional identity. Include brief statements regarding aspects such as your proficiencies, skills, and/or experience. Keep this succinct and polished.

 Step 3. The “Professional Experience” section is a summary of your employment history. Each former employer should be listed in reverse chronological order according to your dates of employment. Each entry should begin with the date range of your employment, official job title, employer name, and location. This is should be followed by a synopsis of what you did there.

 Step 4. The “Educational Background” section is where you will list your academic credentials. Include the official degree title you earned, any relevant information, the name of the school where you attained your degree, and its city and state.



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