Professional Nanny Resume Template

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The Professional Nanny Resume Template provides a quick and easy method for engaging a search for the right employment position. Professional nannies will understand that not every family is right for every nanny and that it is wise to cast a wide net when seeking the right opportunity. However, in such a personal field each inquiry must be catered to the employing family and their needs. For instance, one family may be overburdened with three children and two working parents while another may have a child with severe disabilities and another may be a single parent house hold. All of these cases will place very different requirements on a nanny. In addition, personality is a very big factor in this search. Families will not only look for a nanny that can pass the mustard but also works well in the family unit. Obviously, the nanny and the child have to get along well too. These are just some of the factors that go into the decision making process both for the nanny and for a family who needs one in assessing whether employment will be mutually beneficial.

 How to Write

 Step 1. Your first and last name should go on the top line of the resume. There may be some freedom in formatting however, it is generally accepted to center you name and contact information and to bold or enlarge your name. This area should always look as professional as a business card.

Step 2. Enter your street address, phone number, and email name directly below your name. Keep in mind this is how a potential employer will contact you.

 Step 3. A “Performance Summary” is essentially a self-description of your professional identity. If you have special credentials they may be listed however, keep this brief and to the point and focus on your experience and abilities. This section should be composed of five sentences or less.

 Step 4. The “Core Competencies” Section is strictly a list of your skill set.

 Step 5. If you have won any awards or gained any notoriety as a nanny, list this in the “Achievements as a Nanny” section.

 Step 6. The “Professional Experience” section will be your employment history.

 Step 7. In the “Education” section, you may report on what your academic credentials are. Give the name and location of your school, the year you graduated and the exact title of your degree.

 Step 8. You may have additional abilities or qualities that would be preferable for a nanny to have. If so list these in the “Additional Strengths” section. If you do not have anything to list here omit this section.

 Step 9. If you belong to any associations, boards, etc., report this in the “Affiliations” section. This, too, may be omitted if it does not apply to you.

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