Retail Sales Resume Template

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The Retail Sales Resume Template provides an organized method for composing a resume geared towards a job hunter’s goal of attaining an interview for a retail sales position. Retail sales may be considered by many as the backbone of a company’s profits. Typically, a retail sales employee will focus their efforts in aiding their company sell its products to a customer. They must have excellent communication skills and an ability to spend long periods of time in a state of activity while maintaining an approachable demeanor. In short, they need to be well spoken and have high stamina.

In order to fully utilize a resume template, job hunters should prepare their records for easy reference, review the form itself, write a brief outline then set aside a reasonable amount of time to compose the content for each section. The resume should use a professional language. For instance, one should look up the current buzzwords being used in the retail field and include them when appropriate. Once the form is completed, a candidate will be able to use it as a master document. If and when job hunters need to compose a revised resume in the future, they may simply combine their master document with a blank resume template form. This gives the user a little extra time to concentrate on the newly revised content.  Thus, using a resume template will not only save time when completing an initial document but also when pursuing future opportunities.

How to Write

Step 1. Place your full name on the first line of the document.

Step 2. Enter your contact information (Street address, phone number, email)

Step 3. Under the heading labeled “Summary,” write several brief statements regarding your professional identity.

Step 4. The “Core Competencies” section will be an opportunity for you to let the recruiter know which skills you possess match the requirements for the position you are applying for. It would be wise to re-read the ad before composing this list.

Step 5. In the “Professional Experience” section, you will report on your previous employment history. Each employer you worked for will have their own entry and they should be presented in reverse chronological order (according to the month/year last employed with that employer). The first line should give basics (employer name, location, and time period they employed you). The next line will deliver your official job title. The remainder of the entry will be a list of duties you performed.

Step 6. The “Education” section is where you will list your academic standing and history. If you are in school, state as much. If you have a diploma or degree, place this here as well.


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