Entry Level Project Manager Resume Template

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The Entry Level Project Manager Resume Template was designed to help entry level project managers who may not possess as much experience compete with well-established project managers for sought after positions by providing a professional looking resume template. Each individual section is placed for maximum effectiveness and in adherence to the accepted standardized resume formats. The only thing an Entry Level Project Manager need do is gather his/her information, set aside a reasonable amount of time, then input content under the appropriate heading. The result of a properly filled out Entry Level Project Manager Resume Template is an attractive professional looking resume which will aid in attaining an interview when submitted for a job inquiry.

How to Write

Step 1. A vital piece of information is the Name and Contact Information. This section contains the full name of the candidate, street address, phone number, and email. This should be centered at the top of the page and should be in a font that is easily read and noticeable

Step 2. Under the heading “Objective” write one to four statements regarding your skillset and how it applies to the position. Make sure you keep the language professional and concise.

Step 3. The Qualification Summary acts as a supporting section for the Objective and must be directly applicable to the candidate’s skills and the job description.

Step 4. The Experience/Projects/Internships gives the candidate a place to list all their experience in a professional setting. Each position should name the company, location of company (city, state), the dates the applicant was working there, and the job title held. Below this should be a list of their duties and/or accomplishments while in that position.

Step 5. The Educational Qualification section should have the name of the institution where a candidate earned his/her degree, the degree earned, and the date of graduation

Step 6. The Honors and Awards section usually lists any notoriety earned in while an applicant was earning his/her degree however, in the event an Entry Level Project Manager applicant has earned any in a professional setting this should be listed here as well. If so, make this list in descending chronological order.

Step 7. The References section should only be included if references are available if so, then leave this section as is. If not, delete this section.




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