General Office Receptionist Resume Template

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The General Office Receptionist Resume Template can help a job hunter in casting a wide net in today’s market. A general office receptionist will almost always perform many functions in addition to reception. This can be very demanding as office reception is by and large the heart and soul of how an office will appear and communicate with all outside parties as well as internally. How quickly an office will respond to a client query, customer complaint, or in granting a meeting will always come down to how efficient the general office receptionist is. In addition some of the tasks that some receptionists will be required to perform range from data entry to filing and even to billing or collections. This will depend upon the office and the specific requirements it will expect of its receptionist. Obviously in this field, one will have their opportunity to pursue opportunities in a variety of industries but should be prepared to tailor his or her resume for a specific potential employer. This may be quite a dilemma if one wishes to increase their chances to gain an interview by providing a timely response to a job posting they are interested in. The utilization of a template may solve this problem nicely.

A template is a document designed for repeated use with minor revisions. This can relieve job hunters who must alter bits and pieces of their resume while leaving the majority unchanged. By allowing for quick revisions without the need to set format over and over again, a job seeker may employ this useful time saving technique in their job search to maximize their response potential to multiple opportunities present in a market that places a heavy demand on the general office receptionist field. A job seeker who responds with efficiency and a smart resume will usually attract positive attention from hiring entities that need to fill a vital position relatively quickly.

 How to Write

Step 1. The top of the page. Input your name and contact information at the top of the page.

Step 2. Objective: This heading must contain two to four statements regarding your intention and your abilities.

Step 3. Key Skills: This section is where you will list skills that you possess and will be useful to the potential employer.

Step 4. Professional Experience: List your previous jobs here. Put them in reverse date order (most recent to oldest). On the first line for an employer entry give the name of the employer, the city and state, official job title, and dates employed. Each position you held should be described in detail.

Step 5. Education: Enter any degrees, diplomas, or certificates you earned. Include the year it was awarded, the school you attended and the location.

Step 6. Additional Information: This is an optional section. If you have any additional information which may serve to impress an employer (skill, notoriety, awards, fluency in a foreign language), then enter this in this section.

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