High School Teacher Resume Template

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The High School Teacher Resume Template is one of many methods that a dedicated job hunter will employ when conducting an organized search for the perfect position. This is often a wise course of action as a resume template provides both structure and consistency in their inquiries. By composing a master copy, a teacher on the search is free to peruse the help wanted then when an opportunity arises merely needs to copy and paste the bulk of the original into a new template. This will allow for the minor revisions that are necessary when gearing a resume to a particular employer. Since only a portion will be edited the teacher may save quite a bit of time and decrease the margin of error substantially as opposed to starting from scratch. This is quite necessary since it is unlikely one’s resume will stand out among the rest unless it addresses specifics about the opportunity the applicant is inquiring after.

Those who use such a template will find it easier to respond to an ad quickly with a personalized and professional document. This should make an excellent first impression on a hiring entity, especially if they must paw through dozens of generic resumes which only generally apply.

How to Write

Step 1. Place your full name at the top of the page. Enter your contact information directly below this.

Step 2. The summary section will be where you divulge some information regarding your professional identity. This should be two to five sentences.

Step 3. The Highlights section is a bullet list. This should be a list of the applicant’s qualifications to teach in the high school they are applying in.

Step 4. Under the “Work Experience” heading, place a chronological list of your employment history in descending order. Report the date range, name, and location of the employer in addition to the official job title you held. Below this should be a synopsis of what you did in that position.

Step 5. In “Education,” write down the date you earned your diploma, where you earned it, the official diploma title and any relevant information that may enhance this section or impress a potential employer.


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