Project Manager Resume Template

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The Project Manager Resume Template is an excellent way to organize one’s job search. As the workforce in today’s job market grows faster than the number of Project Manager Opportunities, project seekers must utilize every tool at their disposal such as a Project Manager Resume Template. The template provides a standard structure composed of the sections a potential employer would like to see. The advantage of the Project Manager Resume Template is in its versatility. A job seeker can customize this document easily and quickly making every job inquiry easily customized to the needs of that recruiter. The time saver feature of eliminating formatting issues can be a valuable tool for anyone needing to quickly turn around a resume with customized content.

How to Write

Step 1. The top of the page is reserved for the name and contact information. One may add an effect such as bolding, underlining, or a larger font to the Name both to make it easier to read and remember. If the candidate wishes they may center this section however, if he or she does they must also center all the headings/sections in the resume as well.

Step 2. The Career Summary section is more or less interchangeable with an Objective section but written in a slightly different tone. Either section is an acceptable introduction to a resume and will introduce the applicant to the potential employer through several sentences. An applicant should make sure this is a polished summary of their professionalism as it relates to the positon itself.

Step 3. The next section which must be filled out is the Areas of Expertise section. This is a bulleted list of the areas of expertise that would be directly applicable to the employment opportunity’s job description.

Step 4. The Skills Summary section is also a bulleted list which is meant to substantiate or support the areas of expertise. This will be a slightly expanded section and should describe a broader range of skills an applicant has. It is important to remember when filling out this section to keep the resume as a whole geared towards the job position one is applying for.

Step 5. The Work Experience/Background section is where the applicant shall divulge his or her professional history. Here, an applicant will report each previous position in its own entry. This should begin with the job title, company name, location, and dates employed at that company. Each entry should also include a brief description. This may be subdivided into appropriate categories such as Key Activities and/or Project Description.

Step 6. The Education and Qualifications section makes for a nice closing to the resume. This should specifically name the institutions attended, whatever degree/certificate has been earned, and the date this was awarded.


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