Professional Server Resume Template

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The Professional Server Resume Template is a method for converting the wealth of experience and knowledge a professional server has into a presentable and customizable master document for an organized job search. Professional servers can be found anywhere a customer must have a consumable brought to them. This can be in a formal setting such as an exclusive restaurant to the more causal setting of the local bar or diner. In addition to serving a customer there may be additional required duties depending upon the establishment. Generally speaking however, establishments that require servers to take on additional duties (such as seating) will provide some on the job training. In fact, many professional servers learned their craft on the job. This is one of the few professions that does not truly require a college degree. Some certification courses are available but these are rarely mandatory or required by most employers.

In light of this, it is important for professional servers on the job hunt to be prepared for a competitive race to an interview since a large segment of the job market qualifies for this position. This may require some quick responses and organization on the job seekers part. The best impression to make is a professional one soon after the job posting listed. While this may be challenging, a resume template may remedy such a situation nicely because it is geared for just such a purpose. One only needs to create a master document then copy and paste parts of it or all of it into blank template. Revisions may be made on the fly in this way. A timely well thought out resume may act as a powerful motivator for a recruiter to invite a candidate for an in-person interview.

How to Write

Step 1. Enter your full name and address at the top of the page. Make sure your name stands out and the address is up to date.

Step 2. Write several sentences regarding you professional identity, knowledge, and/or goals. Place this under the “Summary” heading.

Step 3. Make a list of your skills and/or knowledge as they apply to the job posting being inquired. Keep this list in a bullet format and place it in the “Highlights” section.

Step 4. In the “Work Experience” section, summarize your professional history. List all previous employers in sequential order according to date. This should be in reverse chronological order. Give your official job title, employer name and location, and a description of your duties/responsibilities.

Step 5. In “Education” give your academic history. Include the year of graduation, school name, and any relevant information.


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