Server (Waiter/Waitress) Resume Template

The Server (Waiter/Waitress) Resume Template is an ideal method for organizing a job search where expediency and presentation may solidify an inquiry with an in person interview. A server (waiter/waitress) can be found in nearly all types of establishments that serve food and/or beverages. A job seeker may find themselves applying to a high scale restaurant, a spa, a bar, a hotel, a lounge, and even for catering companies. Virtually anywhere that a customer is seated and orders a consumable will likely require a server. While there are some basic tasks one can expect to perform (serving food or beverages) the requirements of an opportunity will largely depend on the type of establishment. For instance, some high scale restaurants will require a server to only serve food, a lounge may require they only serve drinks, while a family style diner may require an applicant to work a register, seat and take orders.

Job seekers who wish to cast a wide net to a variety of industries must be aware of two aspects of this job hunt. The first is the competition they must face. This means the sooner one answers an ad the better. This field does not often require a degree and thus opens the door to a large segment of the labor force. It should be noted that occasionally certain training requirements will need to be met through on the job training or a certificate course. This being said, job seekers have an additional challenge to sending a resume in as early as possible: it should be personalized for that employer as well. That is, the content should be geared to make it obvious the candidate is applying for that specific sought after position.


A resume template will contain the headings necessary to keep the information a user must enter organized and manageable for both the candidate and the hiring entity. By dividing a resume into sections such as contact information, objective, work experience, and education, information that must be presented has a clearly defined area a candidate may focus upon. Some resumes will include additional sections such as highlights, qualifications, or awards. This is also acceptable. The point of this document is to separate a candidate’s information, so that it will be easily understood by a potential employer.


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Entry Level Server Resume Template

Entry Level Server Resume Template

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