Customer Service Agent Resume Template

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The Customer Service Agent Resume Template gives job seekers the chance to step forward with a professional level resume. While an entry level customer service agent may not have a wealth of experience…or any experience, they may still be able to present as well as any seasoned professional. Similarly while a seasoned professional may have a plethora of information to report they may still create a stream lined and powerful resume. Both of these types of job seekers can benefit greatly from having a Customer Service Agent Resume Template at their disposal.

A robust yet smooth looking resume may be achieved with a solidly formatted document. This is imperative for the goal of attaining an interview with a potential employer. Customer Service Agents, particularly in airlines, are expected to divulge a large amount of information in an organized fashion at the drop of a dime and a well developed resume can demonstrate this ability. A candidate merely needs to fill out the individual sections on the Entry Level Customer Service Agent Resume Template with some thought then customize as necessary when they apply for a position. If this is done properly it will increase the chances of attaining an in-person interview.

How To File

Step 1. Enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. This is the method by which most employers will contact you.

Step 2. Write a few brief sentences regarding the purpose of sending the resume, how you may function in the position, and/or what you bring to the table. In short, explain why you should be considered for this position. This will go under the heading “Objective”

Step 3. The next section, “Summary of Qualifications” will require some effort. This should be a list of all the skills and/or abilities you possess that would satisfy the job description. It is often a good idea to review the job description before entering this list. This should not include irrelevant skills.

Step 4. The “Professional Experience” section will be a history of all the companies you have worked for, their location, the position you held, the dates you worked there, and a description of what you accomplished or were responsible for while you were there. This is an important section as it will serve as a basis for the “Summary of Qualifications” section.

Step 5. It is customary to close a resume with an additional section and standard for that section to be “Education.” Here list all the institutions you attended, their location, the dates you attended them, and the certificate or diploma you earned. Trade schools are acceptable here. In addition, if the course work done is relevant to the position you may want to include it provided it does not detract from the overall appearance of the resume.


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