Customer Service Associate Resume Template

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The Customer Service Associate Resume Template can be used by any job seeker who wishes to optimize their time and/or reach a wide segment of the potential employer population in this field. Either reason can be beneficial to job applicants in a field ripe with competition. Similarly recruiters are often faced with the daunting task of deciding between a large number of applicants to fill a position in a short amount of time. Applicants who wish to be noticed must have an eye catching resume along with memorable content. By using the Customer Service Associate Resume Template job seekers will have a professional format at their disposal enabling them to customize a resume sent to a recruiter comparatively quickly. Once the Customer Service Associate Resume Template is filled out or customized properly it may be sent to a recruiter and increase one’s chances of gaining an interview.


How to Write

Step 1. An indispensable part of a resume is the contact information for the job applicant. It should be centered at the top of the page and include the Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and Email of the candidate. (Note: Some styles of resume allow for the Name and Contact of the applicant to be on the left however this section is typically centered). Insert your name and contact information in the appropriate area at the top of the page.

Step 2. The next section should act as an introduction to the candidate and his/her intentions. This is the ‘Objective’ section. It should summarize the desire to gain employment as a customer service associate and include one to three statements of how the candidate can benefit the position. Once you have drawn up these statements insert them into the area below “Objective”

Step 3. The next section, ‘Core Qualifications,’ is meant to be a concise presentation of the applicant’s relevant skills. Review the job description then attempt to document any your skills which may be considered relevant. Make sure to address specifics in the job description if possible. Once this is written insert it into the “Core Qualifications” section. Each statement should be a bullet.

Step 4. Every potential employer will require a detailed listing of one’s professional history. Each company you worked for should be listed as a separate entry in the “Experience” section in descending chronological order. In the first line of the entry insert the dates you worked for a company, the name of that company along with the city and state, and your job title. The following lines should be a concise description of your duties and/or accomplishments there.

Step 5. The final section will be where one lists their academic history. This section is aptly called the ‘Education’ and list the name, dates, and course of study of each institution one has attended.



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