Graduate Nurse Resume Template

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The Graduate Nurse Resume Template serves to provide a level of structural organization for grad nurses in need of a reliable resume format. The goal of any resume is to gain enough attention for a particular candidate to score an interview. This requires a resume to physically look professional at first glance and possess sharply written content. Nursing has been a growing field for several years and thus graduate nurses will have to use every tool at their disposal. A resume template is a powerful tool because it will enable a grad nurse to concentrate his or her efforts purely on the required content that needs to be filled out.

Each section of this template will require that content be filled out by the user. The headings of each section may be renamed but must be present in one form or another since as a whole this resume needs to give a potential employer a very clear picture of the applicant’s skill set and experience. Furthermore one also has a certain freedom in font type and size however should keep in mind the goal of a template (to enable relatively quick revisions to a master document). Thus initially, candidates should make sure they have all their information and are settled on how they wish their resume to look and feel. This may require a significant amount of time and effort however a properly composed graduate nurse resume template will save time and organize a job search as well as increasing the likelihood that a recruiter will give a call back to a job hunter’s inquiry.

How to Write

Step 1. Enter your full name at the top of the page and your address just below this.

Step 2. Write two to four statements regarding your intention for sending the resume with a complimentary view of your professional goals under the heading labeled “Objective.”

Step 3. List the schools you attended, their location, and what degree you earned in the “Education” section.

Step 4. In “Skills,” document your strengths and abilities that relate to the job listing.

Step 5. Several entries may be required for the “Work Experience” section. List the places you have worked in reverse chronological order. Each entry should document the job title you held, the name of the facility you worked in, location, and date ranged you were employed there for. Below this should be a synopsis of your duties. If you have earned any notoriety there this should be included in the bullet list.

Step 6. If you have any references list them under the heading labeled “References.” Make sure you have the explicit permission from your reference to do this.

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