First Year (Entry Level) Teacher Resume Template

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The First Year (Entry Level) Teacher Resume Template is geared for teachers who have just finished their practicum or in the midst of seeking more. The practicum experience is very important for a teacher as it develops the skills they need in a hands on manner. This entails everything that a teacher must know. For instance administration, planning, teaching, and grading are all very essential to master if one wishes to be a good teacher and applicants gain experience in all of these in practicum teaching.

When one has finished their required practicum teaching, it becomes time to apply for actual teaching positions. This may seem intimidating at times especially in a competitive market where school systems have limited funding but is easily manageable. Entry level teachers enjoy a certain security and convenience if they decide to employ methods for a more organized job search by utilizing a first year (entry level) teacher resume template. Users are encouraged to take measures such as fully completing each section with a top notch use of technical jargon and keeping each section’s content directly applicable to the general requirements of a teacher. Once this is done, job seekers may then revise the resume to cater to a particular opportunity and hiring entity.

How to Write

Step 1. Enter your full name at the top of the page and your contact information directly below this. Make your name prominent by enlarging or bolding it.

Step 2. The Objective section should be composed of one or two statements regarding your goal with this resume.

Step 3. Your Profile Statement should be a summary of how you identify yourself as a professional. List your strengths and proficiencies.

Step 4. Report your academic credentials and/or activities in the Education section. The minimum amount of information you must report is your degree, school, and date of graduation. Additional information such as honors, notoriety, grades, and extracurricular activities should be documented below this.

Step 5. If you have earned certificates outside of standard education, list them in the Certification section.

Step 6. List your employment history in the Work Experience section. This may include practicum experience. Each position should display the title you held (including a specific grade you taught), the school you worked in, and the date range or semester you were there for.

Step 7. Any technical skills such as software program or knowledge of school equipment (projectors, microscopes etc.) that you possess should be listed in the Technology Skills section.

Step 8. The Core Competencies section should contain any skills and strengths that relate to the teaching profession previously unreported on the resume.

Step 9. If you have references, it is recommended to include a brief statement such as “References Available Upon Request” at the bottom of the page.

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